platform value-added service equity system

BitKop Token(called KOP)Total supply is 1.5 billion, No ICO , Free bonus for users

What is KOP

BitKop Token (called KOP) is one kind of users’ value-added service system launched by BitKop Exchange, which is based on ERC-20 agreement. KOP will be transferred to BitKop chain which will be developed by BitKop team in the future.

The uses of KOP

  • Regular Buyback

    Every year, BitKop will use 30% of its profit to buy back KOP. These KOP will be invested to BitKop Ecological Foundation to pay for users when sudden risk occurs.

  • Vote for Listing

    KOP can be used for vote for listing, BitKop platform will list project according to vote results.

  • VIP User Privileges

    KOP can be used to purchase platform VIP level and obtain the corresponding privileges on BitKop, priority investment opportunities for high-quality investment , 1-to-1 customer service, etc.

  • High-quality Candy Airdrop

    KOP holders can get High-quality candy airdrop according to their KOP amount.

  • KOP Listing and Trading

    KOP/ETH, KOP/BTC market will open

  • Gas for Decentralized Exchange

    BitKop will use KOP as gas to build decentralized exchange

The development of value-added service system is being on early stage. BitKop reserves the right to adjust the rules, Please pay attention to official announcement. Notice:

Distribution Plan

Held by Institutional investors

Team motivation

It will be completely unlocked till 4 years later by releasing 25% per year

Held by BitKop Ecological Foundation

platform investor protection, making advance payment when sudden risk occurs, public chain technology research and industry ecological construction.

Free distribution

50% KOP will be used to free distribution for project operation and marketing within 5 years. 20% will be released in the first year.